Monster Steals Her Babies And Leaves Her Heartbroken. Then When This Happens? I’m Crying.

It's so easy for cruel people to abuse animals because they know that it's the only way to prove that they're more powerful than the animal they're abusing. Sadly they're not. They're cowards and incompetent fools who really need to learn about compassion, humanity and love.

Now I’m not saying that everyone should love animals, that is everyone’s individual choice to make. But if a person neither loves nor hates animals, please at least don’t bring them any harm. Sadly only some people really understand what it’s like for an animal to be abused, neglected or mistreated. And when these people come together, they become an organization. A powerful voice against animal cruelty. A voice that can be heard by other animal lovers through social media.

In December of 2015, a Canadian animal rescue called the K9 Crusaders rescued a dog named Noelle. When they first neared the pup, they were heartbroken to see that she was in terrible condition. Noelle was rescued from a high kill shelter and the person who surrendered her said that she was a stray… but the truth was much more horrifying.

The rescuers immediately realized that Noella had just given birth, but her puppies were no longer with her. The K9 Crusaders said, “She had obviously been feeding her babies, but nobody had been feeding her.” She was heartbroken, and clearly emaciated. But one thing everyone wondered: where were her babies?

“Noelle’s sweet and gentle disposition immediately won over everyone she met, from the shelter staff to the transport drivers, to the medical staff, our own volunteers and of course her foster family. We all felt her pain, every single time we looked into her eyes and there was no question that she was missing her babies. Of course many of you expressed concern for the puppies, wondering if they had been discarded, and whether they were safe.”

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