Foster Son Starves While Mother And Daughter Eat. Then A Customer Does THIS.

For a foster parent, there's nothing more shameful than hurting or taking advantage of their foster child. Fostering a child isn't a "job" it's an blessing to love and to be loved by a child who was once, a complete stranger. Sadly, every single day, thousands of children in foster care systems all over the world are abused, neglected and belittled. If these children were given an option, do you think that they would be in foster care systems to endure the hell they go through?

For a foster child there’s nothing more hurtful than to be taken advantage of, to be thought as kind of an agenda, to be made fun of, to be thought as a means of income. Yes. There are many families who promise good lives to foster kids, but in their dark hearts, they know they’re “looking after” them only to cash in their monthly paycheck.

An average foster parent receives close to $715 per child per month, so it’s only natural that the wicked minds treat these children as paychecks. The video you’re about to see will hit you hard in your feels, trust me, I cried watching it. I was sad to see how the foster mom and her daughter ate heartily while her foster son just stared at them because the cost of food wasn’t going to cover in her paychecks.

Not only that, the cruel mom also tells her foster son how no one’s going to adopt him and that she and her daughter can have whatever they want on the menu while he only has a budget of $4. When her daughter starts misbehaving the mother tells her foster child off, telling him he is bad influence on her. You’re going to see how this foster child’s feelings are hurt, and how she makes him cry.

Then A Very Hurt Customer Stands Up And Utters The Most Shocking Thing