Dad Kicks Out His Wife And 2 Kids. 30 Years Later, He Sees A Waitress’s Face And Realizes It…

The pain and trauma caused by a bitter divorce can sometimes be unbearable. not only for the spouse, but also for the children. The parents they thought were going to be together for life, were now separate, leading their own lives. It's the children who sometimes bear the brunt of this bitterness. But what you're about to see now, is how a divorce changed a man's thinking... 30 years after it happened.

Sean Whalen knows exactly what it’s like to go through the pain, bitterness and trauma caused by a divorce. When he was a little boy, he remembers how he went home to get his things only to realize that his father had change the locks. Earlier that day, there was a nasty fight between his mom and his dad and so within hours, Sean, his little brother and his mother were kicked out of their home. Left to fend for themselves, no matter how.

Today Sean is a single dad to three beautiful kids and he understands the kind of pain, strength and determination his mother had when she and her kids were kicked out and she was pushed forward to raise her two sons all by herself. Recently Sean ad his son went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant and that’s when he saw something familiar about their unassuming waitress.



“Over small talk and water refills, I got the sense that this single mom didn’t want to be there, but had to be there and she was doing her best to smile,” Sean wrote on Facebook. “It tore my heart out.” This kind waitress reminded him of his mother and so instead of paying his bill and walking away like any customer would, Sean did something incredible for the waitress at the Chinese restaurant and this is why its going VIRAL. When you see what he did, you’re going to be moved in a big way.