Cop Feeds A Hungry Homeless Man. 6 Months Later, He Hears THIS On His Voicemail.

Homelessness is really not a way to live, it's hell on earth and I only hope that no one gets to experience it. People who're homeless have no idea what 'tomorrow' would bring. Forget about tomorrow, when they start their day early morning, they don't know what today would bring. For this one homeless man, however, things were about to change and even he wasn't expecting it.

One night Deputy Matt Holman of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling the street when suddenly he saw a homeless man walking down the road. Familiar with the streets, Deputy Holman knew that he’d never seen that man before so he shone his light on him and went over to speak to him.

It became clear to Deputy Holman that this homeless man called Robert Morris, had been through a lot in life. Together they walked towards a nearby church and struck up a conversation and this is when Deputy Holman realized that Robert’s tent in the woods was washed away in the flood.

Not only that, the poor man had also lost his family and eventually got addicted to drugs and alcohol, which in turn ruined his relationships with his siblings. Deputy Holman was extremely inspired by the man’s story and so he immediately began checking his trunk to find the extra Bible he always kept in his car.

But he couldn’t find it so he went ahead and gave him his personal Bible which contained his notes and highlighted scriptures from over the years. Officer Holman was very attached to his personal Bible, but he knew that giving it to Robert was the right thing to do.

Then six months later, he heard this on his voicemail.

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