15 Of The Most Hilarious Literal Cake Decorations! #7 Is Epic!

When you think of a cake decorator, the only thing you know for sure, is that they have a creative mind and a steady hand. While this is true to an extent, mistakes happen! Apart from a creative mind and a steady hand, there's one more important skill that these cake decorators should have: common sense. You're going to see why!

Now when you order a cake and you want something written on it, you want it read exactly like the way you want it written. Not literally though! The cakes you’re about to see were made exactly as their clients asked for – literally! Now you might want to scream out loud, but they’re pretty funny in their own special way, reminding us to slow down and appreciate common sense! Take a look at some of the world’s most hilarious cakes by some very creative cake decorators!

#1 – Yep just happy birthday. I’m sure that’s not a name. Very sure. I bet he asked twice. BTW are those balloons or momos?

#2 – Oh, boy. If Matt is the boss, only God can help them. Or another cake decorator.

#3 – And I thought that was just common sense. Why whole life has been a lie.

#4 – *Shrugs*

#5 – I don’t know what to say anymore.